FPS Material use POLICY


Future Scenes: Every Future Scene contains the following warning: Do not post on any website until 2017 (3 years from the actual date provided). This means that Future Scenes should not be posted on any site (secured or otherwise), anywhere or at any time, until that date.

The main reason for this policy is to make sure the confidentiality of Future Scenes is maintained for all Affiliate Programs.

  • Different Affiliates have different calendars, especially those in the southern hemisphere where the school year begins and ends much differently from the northern hemisphere; thus, they may be using a Future Scene at a much later date.

  • Affiliate Programs are free to change the order of topics. For example, the Future Scene identified for practice problem #2 could conceivably be used as the qualifying problem by another Affiliate; therefore, practice problems must also be kept confidential.

Videos/Images: “Do Not Post” also applies to any videos, such as Presentation of Action Plan skits, or images that might include details from Future Scenes.

Evaluation Notes: Evaluation notes from any topic may not be posted on any publicly accessible site as they provide specific details of the Future Scene.

FPSPI & FPS Australia Publications: A purchase of any publication entitles that person to use only with his/her students. Such publications should be posted only on secure sites to which only his/her students have access.

Those found to have violated this policy will be charged $500 per incident, plus additional costs incurred by the International Office and other Affiliate Programs and Mentored Regions.

Thank you in advance for complying with this policy!

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