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Australia CmPS at the 2013 IC - April 2013

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Australian CmPS at the 2013 International Conference
One of the teams that was lucky enough to be invited to this year's IC at Indiana University is the Middle Division Runners up- DARUG. They are currently busy with preparations and have shared with us the actions they have taken.
The Mount St Benedict College Community Problem Solving team's project is known as DARUG- Discover, Acknowledge, Reconcile, Understand, Galvanise.

The Darug people are the traditional Indigenous Aboriginal custodians of the land on which our school resides. Our project focuses on reconciling with the Darug people, embracing our shared heritage, increasing consultations and connections with Darug elders, and ultimately moving forward towards becoming a cohesive and inclusive community.
To do this we have accomplished a number of things. Firstly, our team participated in an excursion to the Blue Mountains, a place where many sacred sites of the Darug people are. We were able to see these and afterwards visit with Uncle Greg, a Darug elder who shared stories of his life as well as explaining some traditions and beliefs of the Darug people. We also created a Facebook page (link below), where we upload pictures, questions and information that allows our subscribers to interact with us and learn about the Darug people. We have adapted and illustrated a traditional dreamtime story of the Darug people, where the creation of the Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains is explained in a children's picture book. This story and the story of the Rainbow Serpent were then further adapted into a Claymation which were uploaded to YouTube. Our team then visited with HARR, the Hornsby Area Residents for Reconciliation group who talked to us about their aims and shared with us their ideas of reconciliation. We also invited Uncle Greg to visit our school, where he talked to a portion of the student body and taught them about Darug culture and superstitions. 
We believe that these accomplishments have combined to enable our team to educate our wider school community not only on the importance of reconciliation but also on some of the fundamental steps that can be completed when attempting to move towards it. Although it will take a long time for us to truly reconcile with the Darug people we believe we have a made a valuable contribution towards encouraging this process.
We are extremely excited to be travelling to the IC in Indiana with June and feel privileged to be able to share the importance of our land's traditional Indigenous heritage with an International audience.
Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/communityproblemsolvingdarug?ref=hl
Written by: the DARUG team, Mount St Benedict College

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