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Australian Adults GIPS Champion Team - September 2013

Friday, December 05, 2014

Success for our Adult GIPS Team at IC
Much to our delight and satisfaction, Marryatville High School’s Adult team from South Australia was awarded first place in the first year of the International Adult FPS competition at the International Conference held at the Indiana University in June 2013. For the team, this was the culmination of over a year of preparation with lots of study, success at the National competition and, always, plenty of laughter.

Despite the wide range of ages and experiences, the members of the team really enjoy working together. We have two Uni students, Caitlin and Kai, who had been involved in the Program at school; John, a parent who has seen how his son enjoyed and benefited greatly from the Program; and a retired Research Scientist, Robert. Robert’s wife, Jenni, coaches the team.

The International Conference was well-organised and a great experience. One of the best things was being surrounded by so many informed, thoughtful and optimistic people. Being in an auditorium with 2000 enthusiastic students raising the roof was a fabulous experience and seeing the level of research and enthusiastic application among the Community Problem Solving finalists made us regret they aren’t running the world. As well, the International Conference provided a great opportunity to meet and talk with people from other countries and backgrounds; there was the shared ground of involvement in the FPS program that united us, reminding us ultimately that we are global citizens and share many of the same challenges.

Having been so successful at the International Conference, the team is keen for more people to participate in this rewarding and stimulating Program.

“After working in business for many years, I have found the topics and research a refreshing challenge, requiring in depth learning on topics outside my usual work area.” John “FPS has been a mind-expanding experience because I further inform myself about interesting topics I otherwise would pass over or think I already knew enough about. And it leads me to think afresh about the future and to explore novel possibilities.” Robert “The FPS program requires a balance of creative and analytical thinking and teaches skills which I constantly notice myself applying in other areas of my life; it is also a great opportunity to dig deeper into issues affecting our world in a fun and collaborative environment.” Caitlin

Being at the Internationals cemented our admiration for the program and all the participants, and has made us keen to continue.

Jenni Henzell

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