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From the National Director - September 2013

Friday, December 05, 2014

Another Successful International Finals...
Each year, the Australian contingent at the International Finals is hopeful of some success, but it is to our collective credit that winning is not the only aim of the students and coaches who attend. Being involved in all parts of the wondrous experience, including home stay for those who undertake it, is paramount: the competition is a focus, but not the only one.

It is my belief that this healthy attitude, in combination with good preparation by our committed coaches, is why Australians continue to perform well at IC year after year, and 2013 may just have been our best year yet; with a spread of awards across the various competitions. Congratulations to all those who participated, and particularly our place getters. It is notable, too, that those who did not get a chance to be called onto the stage were invariably placed just out of the running.

We have now completed the Qualifying Problem and are in Finals invitation mode. The arrangements for Perth have been progressing well, and we are fortunate to have the University of Western Australia now involved as a joint venue sponsor. I wish all students and coaches good fortune in their preparations, but remember: whether or not you will be joining us in Perth, enjoy the spirit of FPS.

With kind regards

Dr. Niranjan Casinader
National Director

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