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GIPS: Qualifying Problem Available and some important reminders

Friday, July 01, 2016

Dear GIPS coaches,

The future scene for the Qualifying Problem on Recovering from Natural Disaster is now available for download through your Coach login.

Please remember that:

  1. only 4 team members can do the booklet
  2. the cover sheet must have the names of the students listed, and must be signed by both students and coach
  3. the problem is done in two hours only with no coach involvement of any sort ( exam conditions, in that respect)
  4. the booklet must be printed from the official file, which has only two pages for Step 6

The completed  booklet, with one copy ( keep another for yourself) must be posted in time for it to arrive in the FPSP Australia mailbox no later than August 4th. This means that you should use the appropriate level of Express Post envelope for your area and post it earlier, rather than later. Remember that Australia Post now only guarantees delivery for specific levels of postage. 

Good luck to you all!

Niranjan Casinader

National Director

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