Future Talk

National Committee 2013 - April 2013

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The National Committee of Future Problem Solving Program Australia Inc. is made up of individuals with a range of educational backgrounds and experiences, who together are committed to sound management practices for the present and future advancement of the Future Problem Solving Program.

National Director - Niranjan Casinader
Deputy National Director - Tom Greenwell
State Convenor NSW - Margaret Witts & Jean Burton
State Convenor QLD- Lesley Sutherland
State Convenor SA - Tom Greenwell
State Convenor TAS  - Jenny Tayler
State Convenor VIC- Christine Burley
State Convenor WA - Jo-Anne Starkie & Simon Treadgold
Global Issues Problem Solving Co-ordinator- Simon Casinader
CmPS Co-ordinator - Madeleine D'Arcy
Scenario Writing Co-ordinator - Margot Hadfield & Alison-Jane Hunter
Scenario Performance Co-Ordinator - Christine Casinader
Primary Programs - Carol-Anne Hammond
Action Plan Co-ordinator - Breanna Cramer
Evaluation Co-ordinator - Murray Gill
Partnerships - Stephanie Amir
Future Talk Volume 25 Number 1
April 2013

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