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National Finals 2012 - April 2013

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The National Finals of the 2012 Australian Future Problem Solving Program was held in Melbourne, kindly hosted by Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School from the 19th of October until the 21st. The weekend was a great opportunity for budding creative writers, forging friendships and further improving their skills.

During the weekend, we met up with a number of different schools from various different states who were undertaking the GIPS category of the Program. Interviewing these teams was a great opportunity for us and we definitely learnt some new and exciting things.

The GIPS competition involved a number of trying and difficult components. Firstly, the teams had to devise sixteen solutions after brainstorming sixteen of their own problems from the future scene. 2012's scene was on the topic ‘Trade Barriers' and was essentially about a 3D printer that can print food and other materials and the numerous problems that this created. Namely, drastic food shortages in certain parts of the world due to a significant lack in imports and exports. Following this, the teams had to develop an action plan that they then used to make a three minute skit.

After writing our own joint stories for the ‘Scenario Writing' category, we interviewed teams from Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

St Joseph's College, run a gifted and talented program, of which FPS is a valued asset. Their coach, Carolyn Walters, has six teams here and has been coaching for nine years. The boys from the school really enjoy the ‘Action Plan' section of Future Problem Solving and were intent on including singing in their Action Plan presentation as they "love to sing."

Next, we interviewed, a school from Queensland, Iona Presentation Primary who were frantically preparing their skit for performance. Whilst talking to the team members, we were lucky enough to witness a practice performance of their skit.

It was essential to include three things, a latex glove, a ping pong ball and the mystery quote: "It's easy to be brave from a distance".

All of the teams that we interviewed were clearly enjoying themselves, with plenty of laughter and glee exhibited by everyone. We would like to thank all teams that we interviewed for their time and wish all teams going to the International Finals, the best of luck!

Written by: Nick Bannister, Vivienne Bear, Max Moran, Chelsea Hagglund

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