National Director


Niranjan Casinader

Deputy National Director & SA State Convenor


Tom Greenwell

Director of Professional Development & QLD State Convenor


Lesley Sutherland

Administrative Director


Suzanne Digby

New South Wales State Convenor

  Punam Wahan

Victorian and Tasmanian State Convenor


Carolyn Giles

Western Australian State Co-convenor


Auriol Heary

Western Australian State Co-convenor


Simon Treadgold

Global Issues Problem Solving Coordinator


Simon Casinader

Community Problem Solving Coordinator


Jean Burton

Scenario Writing Coordinator


Emily Dirckze

Scenario Performance Coordinator


Christine Casinader

Primary Programs Coordinator


Nicky Desoe

Evaluation Coordinator


Murray Gill

Outreach Coordinator


Stephanie Amir

Action Plan Coordinator


Breanna Creamer

Social Media Coordinator
  Dylan Sherman

Niranjan Casinader
National Director

I am currently National Director of the FPS Program in Australia. My role is to lead and manage the operation and development of FPS in Australia, acting as its representative to the wider community.

I began with FPS in 1993 as a Geography teacher, using the thinking model as a means of teaching senior students about practical decision-making in the classroom, before moving into coaching school teams whilst devising and teaching classroom electives based on FPS learning options. This helped to cement my belief in FPS as a Program for all students, not just the Gifted and Talented, as well as a means of building student capacities in leadership and community involvement. Since then, whilst teaching in schools, and now as a tertiary lecturer and researcher in education, I have been involved as FPS coach, Director of Evaluation in Australia, national and international evaluator, and currently serve on the Board of Trustees of Future Problem Solving International, as Chair of the Programs Committee.

Tom Greenwell
Deputy National Director

I began my FPS journey in 1991 when the late Keith Frampton, the founder of the program in Australia, gave a presentation to interested staff from schools in Adelaide. His enthusiasm for and clear description of the aims and elements of FPS, struck a chord with me and we introduced the program at the school I was teaching at in the following year. Soon after, a group of teachers from registered South Australian schools set up a mutual support group that became in time the South Australian Committee. I have been South Australian Convenor for a number of years, organising Resource Days and Coach Training for interested participants.

My involvement in FPS has expanded to a national focus in organisation and evaluation with my current role as Deputy National Director and a member of the Committee of Management. I have been a regular evaluator of the Global Issues Booklet programme for the past ten years, and am currently an accredited International Evaluator.

Lesley Sutherland
Director of Professional Development

The thrill of successful problem solving and futuristic issues are unique properties of this program that engage me as well as the students and teachers I work with. There are long term advantages from the program for students are they sharpen their creative and critical thinking skills in pursuit of understanding the topics.

I have been involved as a coach and evaluator for several years, firstly in Western Australia and now in Queensland, achieving both national and international success.

As national director of professional development, my role is to coordinate training in global issues, scenario writing and community problem solving. I also oversee preparation of conference material and coaching resources. As a member of the committee of management, I participate in decisions regarding the overall directions of the program.

As Queensland State Convenor, I conduct regular coaching and evaluator training sessions for teachers. I also instigated the first Queensland State Bowl and Resource Day in 2014 for Global Issues. I work in schools with students and teachers getting started in FPS.

As a national evaluator and regional mentor, I enjoy assessing Global Issues booklet work throughout the FPS year.

Suzanne Digby
Administrative Director

I am currently the Director or Administration for FPS Australia.   In my role I am responsible for the management of day to day operations of the program.   This covers the areas of customer service, sales, IT management, financial management, coordination of the National Finals and smooth delivery of all facets of the program.  I enjoy working with all Coaches involved in the program and admire their dedication to their students and profession.


Challenging students to apply their imagination and thinking skills.