Future Problem Solving Program Australia Inc (hereafter designated by FPSP Australia) acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals.  We support and endorse the National Privacy Principles as contained in the Privacy Amendment (enhancing privacy protection) Act 2012 (Cth).

1. FPSP Australia collects information about schools, registered teams and designated coaches that is required to conduct the operation of the educational programs and training that it provides for schools and individuals in Australia.  This includes contact details of both the school or home organization of the participating group or individual as well as the designated coach, including postal address, telephone number, email address and facsimile number.  

2. The data collected incorporates records of the results of the annual educational programs, including the placegetters in the National or International Finals.  It also includes visual images of coaches and students at various events conducted by FPSP Australia or related bodies such as the International Future Problem Solving Program.

3. FPSP Australia uses names, results and images in its various promotional and news dissemination activities, including newsletters, publicity brochures, newspaper articles, journal articles, FPSP Facebook site and the FPSP Australia website.  Communication between teams and individuals registered in the programs conducted by FPSP Australia will only facilitated by the members of the Committee of Management through the provision of coach name, school name and email address to the requesting parties, unless prior consent has been obtained.  Communication between any other individual or group will be only conducted, in the first instance, through a member of the Committee of Management, unless prior consent has been obtained.

4. Images obtained will be used in the media named above under the following guidelines:

5. The full names of students in winning or placed teams or individual competition in any Future Problem Solving activity may be published, but not adjacent to any photograph of that individual or activity, unless consent to the full name being published has been obtained by the participating school according to its own policies and procedures.

6. Captions adjacent to photographs will only identify individual students by first name, school, competition section and placing, unless consent to the full name being published has been obtained by the participating school according to its own policies and procedures

7. The data is maintained on the FPSP Australia office computers plus those belonging to individuals belonging to the Committee of Management of FPSP Australia.  These computers are not networked and can only be accessed directly.

We will not disclose your personal information without your consent to other institutions and authorities except where required by law or other regulation. 


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