Community Problem Solving

Community Problem Solving is a Program where students apply the six-step problem solving process they have learned to real-life problems within their communities. Reports of problem solving projects are evaluated and winners at each of the age divisions may receive invitations to attend the International FPS Conference.

The submission requirements are a qualifying report, a preliminary report an for teams invited to the national finals, an onsite booth display and team interview.
The 1000 word qualifying report is submitted in August and invitations to the National finals are issued based on the evaluation of this report. Prior to the National Finals, held in October, teams submit a six-page preliminary report with addendum. At the Finals, teams present a booth display and discuss their project with evaluators in a team interview.

Teams of students in Community Problem Solving around the world have implemented a wide range of action plans, ranging from cleaning up hazardous waste to a program for finding homes for unwanted pets. Not all of these projects have to be completed in the course of one year. Students are evaluated on the progress that they have made in implementing their action plan and can therefore resubmit their project for several years in a row, providing new work has been done.

The students in the group do not have to remain the same either, although it is obviously preferable that a core of the group remains.

Such long term projects are very common in the USA. Remember that Community Problem Solving is now available as an individual option as well as for a team. This makes the Program very relevant to schools offering the International Baccalaureate as the CmPS project is ideal for fulfilling the research and service aspects of the curriculum.

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