Integrated FPS

Integrated FPS involves using the FPS process as a basis for curriculum development and integrating the process into the mainstream learning program. This can be achieved by using the FPS process and/or Program components within a range of specific subject areas as well as interdisciplinary programs.

Using this type of registration, which effectively the form of an annual license fee, schools will receive advice and support from FPSP staff to achieve their curriculum goals. The annual license fee gives them the right to use the FPS process throughout all levels of their classroom teaching program, with no limit to the number of students taught. They will also receive access to purchase all Future Problem Solving published materials and the right to use them in the classroom (including copying rights), plus access to advice as to how their plans might be achieved. This support will include, at extra cost, access to the running of Professional Development sessions for staff by FPSP Australia. Schools will also be required to lodge with FPSP Australia full electronic copies of the curriculum documentation that is produced by the school and its staff in the teaching of the FPS-based curriculum.

Interested schools and coaches are asked to contact the National Office for more details.

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